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Ayurveda Kerala


Our Vision Globalize Ayurvedic Healthcare, Panchakarma Training,Traditional Ayurveda Medicines and Medical Tourism for Holistic Health care.  


FromTime Immemorial. The Search for Health has been continuous  in human life. It led to the practice of natural remedies and hence gave way to the existence of ayurveda .

Ayurveda is the  traditional holistic  health science from India. It stands unique from all other modern medicinal systems. This holistic science etc


India is the origin of Ayurveda and mother for many cultures. Kerala in India has the distinction of practicing not only Ayurveda but also most of these cultural forms over the centuries and nurturing them. Kerala is also bestowed with beauty of nature and is ACLAIMED AS destination for AYURVEDA. That is why it is  fondly called “God’s Own Country” .

THRISSUR -   In central Kerala is the Basin of traditional Ayurveda and is the cultural capital of Kerala.

SREYAS HEALTH- Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments in hospital.

Ashtangavaidyam Ayurvedics:-Export of Ayurvedic Products.