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    Herbal juices, medicated oils etc., are applied through the nose for 7 to 14 days. This treatment is highly effective for certain types of headaches, paralysis, mental disorders, some types of skin disease, etc.

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    Thrissur town offers fairly good shopping experience of various cloth shops , handicrafts & Indian spices . Its a beautiful town with the centre attraction as vadakkumnatha temple , the temple which has won UNESCO prize for 'Award of Excellence'



Ayurveda Kerala


Our Vision Globalize Ayurvedic Healthcare, Panchakarma Training,Traditional Ayurveda Medicines and Medical Tourism for Holistic Health care.  


FromTime Immemorial. The Search for Health has been continuous  in human life. It led to the practice of natural remedies and hence gave way to the existence of ayurveda .

Ayurveda is the  traditional holistic  health science from India. It stands unique from all other modern medicinal systems. This holistic science etc


India is the origin of Ayurveda and mother for many cultures. Kerala in India has the distinction of practicing not only Ayurveda but also most of these cultural forms over the centuries and nurturing them. Ker...


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When you meet Ayurveda, when you cross your path with this millenary science, you feel that you have found the piece of the puzzle that you lacked, that in reality: Ayurveda itself, is the puzzle. You understand so many things about your daily life, your tastes and preferences, your ways of feeling and acting, your discomforts and alterations ... everything, your whole life , you understand. You understand and accept and, you respect much more others.

Ayurveda teaches us to look with different eyes, to look broad and in depth. It teaches us that from the observation everything is clear, the signs, the symptoms that the body shows us, its screams when it hurts, when it sickens, when we get angry, when we are not comfortable ... , everything is an expression of what we need, of what what are we missing. And it shows us everything that makes us and is good. 

In our searches, we were lucky enough to meet Dr. Venugopal VA , from Kerala, South India, and we knew immediately that our paths would continue together, drawing a bridge between Kerala and Spain, strengthening our union to continue spreading Ayurveda from the passion we share. The D r. Venugopal is a very special being, he is more than a doctor, he is a teacher, he is a huge heart full of love in a man's body.

We share our talk on the last trip from Sukha to Kerala, the "home of Ayurveda", this past summer:

 SUKHA:  Ayurveda is expanding all over the world. It has crossed the borders of India to enter the West. There is curiosity, a growing interest. In recent years Ayurveda has become more known in Spain and the first thing that people ask is what does it mean? Literally from the Sanskrit the difinición is: Knowledge of the Life, Science of the Life, of the long life. Perhaps the defining Ayurveda not reach the depth nor the whole of what truly encompasses ... ¿ What is Ayurveda for you? 

Dr. Venugopal: Everything that brings balance to life. I find that everyone can have different methods to find their own Ayurveda. The balance of physical, mental and intellectual health, balance in the family, in society ..., all that brings balance is Ayurveda. For this, you have to know yourself, understand yourself. If you know yourself you can bring balance everywhere. Because the human being is the instrument, if you know the instrument, you can use it better. So Ayurveda tells you how to use your instrument and find balance in everything.

Treatments can bring balance, but Ayurveda is more than treatments, it is more than medicine . There is Ayurveda in all parts of the world, in Spain, in Europe ... in the US ... everywhere , because there is everything that gives you back your balance. And the concept and philosophy Ayurveda cu allow you to understand that to nto know more Ayurveda, the more you understand how to use nature, society, everything around you, to find your balance.

SUKHA: You say that we are where we are, with the changing that this present world presents us, increasingly technological, can we live in balance with Ayurveda ?. When practicing Ayurveda outside of India we encounter many obstacles: our rhythms of life, stress as a currency is habitual, our diet, lack of time is the excuse for our diet to have fast, unnatural meals ... Here in Kerala, it is easy to do Ayurveda because it is easy to access plants, oils, doctors, we can see medicines, buy them easily in Ayurvedic pharmacies. How can we live ayurvédicamente in Europe ?, ¿how can we do Ayurveda if we do not have these plants, nor do we have enough doctors - unfortunately there is a lot of fraud on this issue?

Dr. Venugopal:  It's a good question, because people believe that Ayurveda is the treatments, like the Panchakarma that you do here and that you get the people you bring every year. Yes, treatments are very necessary when you have health problems, but Ayurveda is not only solving problems but also preventing them . It's more about prevention than healing. And for this prevention you do not need a doctor or too many medicines. So for Europe the first thing is to understand the philosophy of Ayurveda, try to understand what is the balance of your Vata, Pitta and Kapha, and how to react to the changes. When you know this, you can use the local herbs, everywhere nature provides plants for the climate and the area in thethat you live. But it is difficult to understand which herb is good for everyone. If you apply the Ayurveda philosophy, its pharmacology, you can discover how to use your plants in Spain. So you do not need to have Indian herbs.

Now, if you have serious health problems, if you have to receive treatment, be hospitalized ... in that case, of course, you have to come to Kerala because we are talking about treatments for serious physical problems, otherwise you only need minor treatments that will return the balance. I think you are already providing it: different massages, shirodhara, many treatments, diets, many resources that help people to balance themselves. That's why they come back to you again and again. They come back because , even with the limitations of oils and available treatments, you are giving them back their balance. When someone experiences their balance, they like to return. SoThe big focus on Ayurveda is not strong treatments, but to restore balance and help people to achieve their balance . It can be through Ayurveda therapy, food, yoga, pranayama, meditation , music, dance, it can be through so many things ... and the person will find their own methods to balance themselves. I think that in Europe this is enough. Let's not focus on the strong treatments that are for really sick people, who have to go to the hospital. Most people s or it needs to be balanced, and thus society will be happier.This is what you are already doing, Ayurveda therapy, eating patterns based on your food, using the principles of Ayurveda, taking care of the rasas, enjoying the taste ..., asking them to try resources connected to the body, to the mind (pranayama, yoga, meditation). I think that everyone will find their balance. And that s or what can be done through traditional Ayurveda centers. So I think that in Europe , an Ayurveda Center like yours , is the best way to bring balance to people.

Little more help you need, you just need to know how to use your herbs with Ayurvedic principles . In that we should work together. We have the experience, I do not say the knowledge, because we have used it for many years, and you have your own experience. So we have to share it, choose the herbs and how to use them and prepare Ayurvedic formulas in Spain. You do not need anything from India, what you already have in Spain is the best for you. Once you have the essential Ayurvedic vision, apply it , then you will have the "Spanish" Ayurveda, and when you come to India you will have the "Indian" Ayurveda (laughter).

When you are in India, eat the Indian Ayurvedic food, when you are in Spain, eat the Spanish Ayurvedic food, your traditional food is the best for you. No junk food. That's Ayurveda: The food that brings balance is what our ancestors tried and they found it was good for them to stay in harmony. Eat your traditional food, it is the best, nothing more. That will balance your Vata, Pitta and Kapha. Because your climate is different, your food is different. Ayurveda does not mean Kerala food and treatments. When you are in your country, what you have there is the best.

SUKHA: Can you imagine your life without Ayurveda?

 Dr. Venugopal: No !!! (laughs)

It is part of my life. Ayurveda brings everything together in life. It would be difficult to find balance in my professional, physical, emotional life ... so I can use the principle of Ayurveda of Pitta, Vata and Kapha. When my mind becomes Pitta I know that I get angry and I tell my friend that I have become angry, that my Pitta is there. So I do not fight against it. Ayurveda is part of you, it's s or the nature. You can name it from the philosophy of the Vedas but Ayurveda is used throughout the body and gets your total balance. There are those who seek balance through yoga or meditation, Ayurveda is another way, it helps you so much! Ayurveda says "What is good for you, use it". It gives you so much freedom! With Ayurveda you can live life more comfortable than following rules, deciding for yourself.¿ Sugar? Yes, you can take, if it helps your balance, take it. That is why Ayurveda becomes the Veda that is for the ordinary person, who will understand and love it. Is so easy. Knowing Ayurveda helps you to understand, and when you start to understand it appears love, unity, happiness and makes you return to your roots.

The change takes time, but I have found many people who come for Ayurvedic treatments, and who become less aggressive, have calmed down. That's where the healing comes from. Most people calm down and are grateful. Ayurveda therapy is definitely useful to relax people and start looking within themselves. So I think the therapy you do in Spain is good, it's helping people. Gradually they will find their balance. It is a great service, it is not a treatment, it is a help for people to find themselves. 

You are invited to live Ayurveda as and from what it is: the science that helps us to know each other and with it understand how to live in balance throughout our life using what we have available in our environment, to build a life of health and harmony .

Lic. Susana Fumis 
Director of SUKHA Centro AYURVEDA 
Diagnostic Consultation Dosha, Massages and Treatments 
PANCHAKARMA at Ayurveda Clinical Center in Kerala, India 
TRAINING at AYURVEDA Annual Presencial in Madrid 
TRAINING at AYURVEDA Intensive in India 


Ragi - An Ideal Food Supplement For All Ages

Ragi (FINGER MILLET) is a well known millet & consumed widely by the people all over the world.Ragi has the highest mineral & calcium content when compared to all whole grains & minerals.

It is a powerhouse of protein & amino acids. Ragi  helps to reduce the heat of the body and thus helps to heal ulcers & anemia.

For Diabetics, ragi is a good food substitute.

Ragi is well accepted and digested by all age groups. It is cooked in different forms . Ragi Gruel and Ragi Drink are very popular among the geriatric population in the Indian Villages.

Nutrition Information Per 100gm 

Serving Size

The serving size, in terms of the number of volume or mass


336 kcal

Iron (grams)



344 mg

Fat (grams)


Carbohydrate (grams)


Protein (grams)


Fiber (grams)


Minerals (grams)


For Diabetics it is ideal to include Ragi frequently in their Diet.

Detox-The Main Step For Health Rejuvenation

It is well known now that wrong lifestyles, unnatural food, excessive or less physical activity produce toxins that build up over the time to produce stress and ill health.

Ayurveda, Nature cure, Yoga and all such traditional helath systems stress on detoxification as the main step to usher in health.

Practiced for centuries by many cultures around the world) detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out.

By removing and eliminating toxins and then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from disease and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.

The simplest method for detox for common human is to include many of the natural food in the diet regularly.

The Food that detox  are:

Green leafy vegetables: Green leafy vegetables are our greatest friends in the pursuit. They help us in detoxifying the liver. They have great chlorophyll content and can be consumed in diverse forms; raw, juiced, in gravy etc. Since the old days, they've been a favourite of people with a toxic build-up.

Fruit: They're full of almost all the good things like Vitamin C, fibre, nutritious fluids, and all kinds of antioxidants. Besides, nothing tastes better than a ripe mango, fresh berries, or a perfect pear.

Lemons: Lemons are an all time favourite. The raging case in its favour is its ability to convert toxins into water-soluble components. Its Vitamin C, considered the detox vitamin, helps convert toxins into a water-soluble form that's easily flushed away.

Green tea: Green tea has a great detoxifying effect; it is an antioxidant known for washing out toxin concentration. An added advantage is the fact that it suppresses the appetite, thus helping fight obesity.

Garlic: Garlic can be combined with anything. It can be put in salads and served with spread; it is extremely beneficial to the heart and also flush out waste from the liver by stimulating its enzymes.

Sesame seeds: They're credited with protecting liver cells from the damaging effects of alcohol and other chemicals.

Broccoli: Broccoli is part of a diet used for weight reduction, along with black beans. They pack 20 to 50 times more cancer-fighting, enzyme-stimulating activity into each bite than the fully grown vegetable.

Cabbage: There are two main types of detoxifying enzymes in the liver and this potent veggie helps activate both of them.

Beetroot : It contains methonine, one of the main detox enzymes. Beetroot also absorbs waterborne pollutants.

Acai Berry: The Acai Berry is a purple fruit from jungles of Brazil and Peru. It has high quantities of unsaturated fat and healthy pulp, which make detoxification very easy for the body.

Avocado: It contains an antioxidant, glutathione, which binds with fat soluble toxins such as alcohol.

Seaweed: It contains ingredients called alginates that prevents the body from absorbing heavy metals.

The foods you should avoid since they aggrevate  detox are:

Red meat: Avoid it while on the detox diet, because red meat is harder to digest and contains a high level of fats. It should also be avoided because it contains a high level of salt and food additives. Replace red meat with chicken meat, fish and eggs.

Refined carbohydrates: Refined carbohydrates are forbidden also: cookies, biscuits or anything you are tempted to snack on all the time.

Fats: Fats like butter, margarine, fried foods and mayo are off limits too. Use virgin olive oil in your cooking, especially in your salads.

Refined sugar: Avoid eating foods full of additives, including those containing excess sugar. Cold cuts are full of food additives which intoxicate your body. During the detox diet, don't eat junk food.

No beverages: Don't drink tea, coffee or soda pops. Drink at least 8 cups of water daily, natural plant tea or fresh fruit juice.



Stress, triggers your body to release stress hormones into your system.These hormones can provide the 'adrenaline rush' to meet challenges and bring the best in us.

But  in large amounts they create toxins and slow down detoxification enzymes in the liver.

So it's a good  to detox stressful life situations along with detoxifying your body. Yoga, meditation, Rhythmic music practice of traditional arts, Holidaying in places of Nature  are simple and effective ways to relieve stress.

                Live Naturally, Eat Naturally, Relax Naturally to find your Natural Health.

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